Snaplock repair clamp ROMACON Snaplock repair clamp

Pressure ratings:

  • Pipe OD 21-111 mm 16 bar 
  • Pipe OD 112-229 mm 10 bar
  • Pipe OD 272-329 mm 6 bar

Maximum pressure for gas pipes is 4 bar (for all pipe od's up to
incl. 329 mm)

Available sizes:
Snap Clamps are available for pipes up to DN 300 and length 75, 150 and 225 mm.
We will send you a price-list with all available ranges upon request.

For larger ranges we can supply double band snap clamps.

Material specification:

  • Lugs: ductile iron GGG 40 acc. to Din 1693 or malleable iron GTW 40 acc. to Din 1692, surface sheradized with 15 microns zinc. 
  • Band: stainless steel acc. to AISI 304. 
  • Bolts: special mushroom head square neck bolts. Bolt size M10 up to 2” and M12 for larger sizes. Material acc. to class 4.6, surface galvanized with 5 microns zinc. 
  • Hexagon nuts: acc. to Din 934 class 5, surface galvanized with 5 microns zinc. 
  • Washer: acc. to Din 125a, surface galvanized with 5 microns zinc. 
  • Rubber (standard): wa!ed EPDM, NBR on request; acc. to ISO gas and water pipelines.
Romacon Snaplock repair clamp