DTS tapping saddle ROMACON DTS tapping saddle

Characteristics of the Romacon DTS saddle:

  • Solid, well thought-out construction.
  • High quality GGG 50 ductile iron.
  • Produced according to DIN 3543, Part 1.
  • Saddle is provided with epoxy coating, EWS epoxy according GSK-diridives RAL-G2-662 DVGWW-270, which prevents rust.
  • DVGW (G87 e 087) approved.
  • Perfect seal through flat O-ring, which is enclosed in the chamber of the alignment saddle (see illustration). Through a special combination of Oring and flat ring, a two-fold seal is obtained.
  • Rubber for ring gasket is NBR.
  • Applicable for various types of material, such as asbestos-cement, cast iron and steel.
  • Very suitable for pipes covered with polyethylene. When the Romacon DTS Saddle is placed, the polyethylene layer does not have to be removed.
  • Test report upon request.
  • Wide, 100% stainless steel lower bracket.
  • Lower bracket provided with a special rubber band.
  • Stainless steel, electrolytic zinc plated nuts, to prevent fretting.
  • Saddles available from DN 40 up to including DN 600.
  • Suitable for alignments under pressure.

Dimensions of the Romacon DTS Saddle:

  • The Romacon DTS Saddle can be supplied with a tapped service outlet of 1/2” up to and including 2”.
  • Special service outlets are available upon request.
  • The Romacon DTS Saddle can be supplied from DN 40 up to and including DN 600.
  • Strap width 60 mm
  • Also available with branch according to Polva 1 1/2” to 2”.
Romacon Tapping saddle DTS