Pipe Repair

Pipe repair has never been easier with the use of the ROMACON stainless steel repair clamps. Over time pipelines can get damaged by being exposed to enormous amounts of pressure. The Romacon repair clamp can be used to effectively and efficiently repair broken pipes. Romacon also manufactures tapping clamps used for creating taps on pipelines effortlessly.

The best solution for pipe repair

Replacing these pipelines can be a very expensive operation. Romacon figured out a most suitable solution for this problem: the Romacon repair clamp. These stainless steel pipe repair clamps are used for pipe repair. We manufacture pipe repair clamps which can easily be installed on any type of pipe material. By using stainless steel, our pipe repair clamps are very solid and durable,making them able to withstand the test of time. They can be placed both above as well as below the ground, providing permanent pipe repair for broken or damaged pipes.

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